Freshen up the Investment Property

With low interest rates we are finding that Investors are extremely active within the marketplace. We would encourage our clients to contact us whilst going through the ‘selection’ process of an investment property.  Often our ‘Property Manager’ viewpoint can add or detract from certain properties and we are more than happy to offer our experience and expertise in guiding you towards a suitable and sought-after investment property.
I am often asked questions in relation to preparing an investment property to Let.  What are the important focus areas?

Often clients do not have a list of reliable and competent tradesmen – we can personally recommend the following suppliers.

Attend to Obvious Maintenance Issues.

Broken windows, cracks in walls, damaged flyscreens & screen doors, dripping taps & toilets, cracks in wall or floor tiles etc. can be a turn off for tenants as it instantly makes the property appear run down and it also makes the prospective tenant wonder what else is wrong with the property.
We use and recommend Michael from Fordys Maintenance –  8358 0636

Professional Carpet Cleaning or Replacement Floor Coverings

There may be occasions where carpet replacement is necessary (remember a hard wearing and darker colour is desirable). It may be sufficient to have a professional cleaner remove traffic marks & light stains and bring the pile back to life.
We use and recommend:

  • Ryan from Allbrite Carpets – mob: 0404 305 998
  • John Zappia from Zappia Carpets – mob: 0412 800 009

Lock Change

With the purchase of established real estate, we are not aware of the history of the property, nor of the people that may still have keys and therefore access to the home.  It may be wise (& give the tenant peace of mind) to have a lock change.
We use and recommend Andrew from Beagle Locksmiths mob: 0401 477 580

General Clean & Freshen up

Prospective Tenants will always pay attention to the cleanliness of the Kitchen and Bathroom areas.  Are the window tracks and sills clean?  Are the exhaust fans clean?  What about the light fittings and ceiling fan blades?
We use and recommend Wendy Domestic Dust Up mob: 0447 747 073

Garden Tidy up

Gardens & Lawns should not look like ‘future hard work’.  A Tenant will be looking for low maintenance & easy care.
We use and recommend Kym’s Gardening Services mob: 0400 754 325


It may be  necessary to give the property a full or partial ‘freshen up’.  Nothing does this like freshly painted walls.
We use and recommend Keith  mob: 0417 851 266

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