Final Inspection Guidelines

It is preferable to do the Final Inspection together, so any issues can be addressed face to face.

The property should be clean, tidy, similar to when you first moved in after reasonable allowance for ‘fair wear and tear’.  The original condition of the property can be determined by checking the Inspection Sheets, which were given to you at the beginning of your tenancy.

The final inspection cannot be conducted until all possessions are removed, the property has been cleaned, and keys are ready to be returned.

Key Register

A copy of the Key Register will be provided to you.
Please ensure all keys / remotes are ready for handover, including any that may have been given to family / friends.

Return of Instruction Manuals

Please return copies of all manuals provided at the beginning of tenancy.

Disconnection of Services

Please keep the electricity connected for the day of the final inspection.  Disconnections and final readings can then be arranged for phone, internet, Foxtel, electricity, and gas.

Water Reading

The water meter will be read, and calculation made of final water monies due.

Refund of Bond

To ensure an early return of your Bond money please ensure that you have activated your bond with Residential Bonds Online (RBO) plus paid all final rental and water monies due.

Particular attention to the Guidelines as below will ensure early return of your Bond.

Property Interior

  • Walls, light switches, light fittings, and skirtings clean and dust free
  • Carpets are clean and stain free
  • Windows, screens, blinds, and windowsills are clean.
  • Replace torn flywire (if not previously damaged)
  • Clean slide door tracks
  • Kitchen – particular attention to wiping out cupboards and shelves.
  • Oven / grill / cooktop / dishwasher and rangehood/ exhaust fan are clean
  • Shower and bathroom areas including tiles cleaned to remove mould / soap scum
  • Exhaust fans
  • Toilet/s and laundry are clean
  • Clean air-conditioner filters

Property Exterior

  •  Lawns to be mowed and edged with lawn clippings removed
  • Garden beds to be tidy, trim, and free of weeds
  • Any rubbish to be removed – remember to look behind garages and toolsheds
  • Oil stains to be removed off driveways, carports, and garages
  • Wash down roller door/s
  • Council Bins are to be emptied in readiness for new tenants
  • Pool and spa to be cleaned, vacuumed and debris free with correct pool equipment to be checked off against ingoing inspection report
  • Removal of all dog droppings, toys, and associated pet rubbish

Remember to arrange a hard rubbish collection, if needed, with council so that pick-up is PRIOR to final inspection – these pickups can take weeks.

Services such as ‘Phil’s Scrap Metal’ can dispose of light to medium scrap metal at no cost.

Call Phil on 08 8326 3235 / 0432 297 278.