Our Agency policy states that at least one of the Applicants must view the rental property with the Agent – a proxy will not be accepted to view on your behalf.

Following viewing, EACH Applicant will need to complete an Application form and email to the Agent– email:

REISA Tenancy Application can be emailed to you OR secured off our website:



Mandatory requirements as under.

Your application will be processed and providing it passes our criteria checks, will then be presented to the Landlord – Please note that should your application not include Mandatory information as required by our office, the application will not pass our criteria and therefore will not be presented to the Landlord.

  • 100 points ID will apply to EACH applicant.
  • There must be at least ONE photo ID for each applicant.
  • Copy of most current Rent History OR copy of private landlord
    • Rent Book/Receipts OR copy of your bank statement showing regular
    • Rent payments (for min. of 3 months)
  • Copy of at least one document per Applicant showing address of
    • Rental property which is your most current address
  • Evidence of income per applicant (wage slip/s or centrelink statement)

You may wish to include a Cover Letter to be presented to the Landlord – not mandatory but can be helpful.


Timeframe for Processing:

Once your application has been received, please allow us five (5) working days for processing – we will endeavour to respond to you within this timeframe.