Why Switch to Us?

Over the years, speaking with owners who have dealt with other real estate agencies, the following issues seem to arise time and time again:

  • Lack of communication is a major issue.
    • Phone calls not being returned
    • Emails not being answered
    • Maintenance issues not raised
    • Not being kept aware of rental arrears
  • Routine inspections not being carried out regularly
  • Regular turnover of Property Manager
  • Frustration with more than one point of contact in relation to the property
  • Property and Tenants being poorly managed.

Every agency will tell you they will not let you down in these areas.

What makes us different to other agencies if you are considering making a switch?

  • As an Owner you will have direct contact with the Principal and Owner of the business.
  • We are an experienced, small boutique agency with a singular focus ~ property management
  • Our staff of three means we are a cohesive group who have worked together for the past 10+ years
  • Our high level of word-of-mouth referrals is testimony to the ongoing relationships that we have with both owners and tenants.


  • You can change property manager’s mid lease.
  • We can take over the management with an existing tenant in occupation.
  • We can manage the negotiations with your current agent.
  • There is $0.00 fee involved in taking over a management with an existing tenant.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.