Routine Inspection Guidelines

Routine Inspections and Photos

We will conduct a routine inspection at the property every 3 months.  The main purpose is to provide a report to the owner showing that you are maintaining the property, and to check for any repairs and make any recommendations to the owner.

You will receive a letter giving you at least 7 days’ notice of your inspection.  If you cannot be home, we will use our set of keys to access the property.

Please note that we may also take photos of any repairs required, issues we may think need dealing with, and a photo of the grounds front and back.

To pass your routine inspection with flying colours – please refer to our checklist.

Property Interior

  • Walls / light switches / doorways (incl. tracks) and doors are clean from marks
  • The carpets are clean and stain free
  • The windows and screens are clean
  • The kitchen area overall is clean and oven/stove top is free of burnt on food
  • Shower, bathroom, toilet, laundry areas clean incl. all tiling
  • All areas and rooms are fully accessible and not locked

Property Exterior

  • The lawns are mowed and edged
  • Gardens tidy and presentable / weeds removed
  • Any rubbish removed
  • Fresh oil stains removed from carport, garage, and driveway surfaces.
  • Garages and toolsheds accessible
  • Swimming pool clean and free of debris

Approved Pet or Pets

  • Any damage caused by the pet/s need to be swiftly rectified
  • Any droppings picked up and removed
  • If your pet is aggressive or does not like strangers, please arrange for these pets to be restrained.