Emergency Information & Contacts

In the event of an emergency (either someone may be injured, or property damage may result) if action not taken immediately, please initially contact your Property Manager:

Valerie Dellow:  0438 188 478

If you are unable to reach your Property Manager, the following information will assist you.


The water supply may need to be turned off in emergency circumstances such as an overflow from the hot water service, a tap that will not stop flowing, or a burst pipe.
Ensure you know where the water meter tap is located prior to an emergency.

Emergency Plumber/Gas fitter –Above and Beyond Plumbing
Rowan:  0409 289 872


In the event of a power outage or blackout at your property, first check to see if yours is the only property affected.  If neighbours are experiencing the same problem phone SA Power Networks, Faults and Emergencies on 13 13 66 or check the Outage Map on their website.
If the power outage is affecting only your property, or a part of it, check the fuse switches which are usually situated outside the premises inside the electricity meter box.  A localised power failure is usually due to a faulty household appliance (often a kettle or toaster) causing the safety switch to trip off.  In this case, unplug ALL electrical appliances from their sockets and then plug them back in one by one.  This will usually identify the faulty appliance.

Emergency Electrician – Outpulse Electrical
Josh:  0412 369 522


If you smell natural gas, call the 24-hour hotline for a quick response.
This free gas leak response service is provided by APA Group, operator of the natural gas distribution network in S.A. 1800 427 532.



We keep a spare set of keys for the properties we managed securely in our office.  Should you lock yourselves out of the property then call your Property Manager.

Where possible we will arrange for you to collect our set of keys and they can be returned within 24 hours at no charge.

If you are unable to contact your Property Manager, or should it be out of hours or not possible for us to make keys available, you may need to contact a locksmith at your expense.

Lock failure (this does not include lost keys or keys locked inside premises) – this cost will be borne by the Owner.

Emergency Locksmith – Beagle Locksmiths
Andrew:  0401 477 580