We believe the key to a smooth-running tenancy is communication.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing difficulties with rent payments or have property or maintenance concerns.

Rent Payments

You will initially pay two weeks rent in advance.  From here on you are expected to pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly in advance.
Payments usually take 1-2 days to reach our trust account.
We have a zero tolerance for rental arrears.
Termination notice will be issued should rent fall more than 14 days in arrears.
Rent can be paid to our trust account via BPAY.
You can pay by either: phone/ internet/direct debit or calling to a branch.
Your individual BPAY reference number must be used on every transaction.

Bank SA

Domain Rental Management Trust Account
BSB:  105 144
ACC: 040269040

Bond Lodgement

Your bond will be lodged with RBO (residential bonds online)
Wait for the email from RBO to activate your bond.
Should you experience problems, please email our office.

Repairs and Maintenance

Please contact our office 08 8296 2966 / phone or text 0438 188478
Or email  valerie@domainrentalmanagement.com.au
We will endeavour to have maintenance arranged and carried out by our reputable trades people as soon as practical.
In the event of emergencies, please refer to this section on the website

Routine Inspections

These are carried out on a quarterly basis.
You will be posted an inspection letter giving min. 7 days’ notice.
There is a section in this letter to record any maintenance concerns you may have.  If you cannot be present, we can use our key to access the premises.
Please refer to our ‘routine guideline’ section

Water Accounts

Some tenants are on a different charging system, depending upon instruction from the owner.  This will be detailed in your Tenancy Agreement.
We generally receive the water accounts on a quarterly basis and will invoice tenants accordingly.
This payment is to be made to our trust account (same BPAY. ref as your rent) and not made directly to SA water.

Smoke Alarm Program

To aid with the safety of our occupants and the property, all our rentals are registered with the company, Smoke Alarm Solutions.
The owner will pay an annual fee and SAS will contact you directly to access your smoke alarm/s to establish compliance and provide a compliance report.
Should your battery beep during the tenancy, just advise us so we can arrange for SAS to call out, rather than attempting to change the battery yourself.


Unless written approval has been given by the owner, it is a serious breach of tenancy to have any pets at the property – even on a temporary arrangement.
If approval given, you are responsible for any damaged caused by the pet.
We will ask you to seek alternative arrangements for the pet should complaints be received from neighbours or if the pet is causing property damage.  You are also asked to regularly clean up any droppings from your pets and to keep cat litter trays cleaned on a regular basis to avoid odour’s in the property.


Our expectation is that lawns and gardens are maintained to a similar standard as your commencement date.
This will involve regular watering, mowing, and edging, minor pruning and weed control.
Please do not park vehicles on lawns.
Hard rubbish is to be removed on a regular basis.

Nails and Hooks on Walls

New nails, hooks, stickers, or repainting approval is to be sought from the owner. Permission for blu tac or sticky tape will not be given for any surface.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted inside any of our premises.


We do not expect our tenants to clear out gutters.  This will be arranged, as necessary by Domain Rental Management.

Air Conditioning Filters

We ask that tenants keep return aircon vents and room/split aircon filters clean and dust free on a regular basis.
Evaporative air conditioning filters will be serviced, as necessary.